Thursday, January 29, 2009

On the right path...

Last night we had something happen that let Big Daddy and I know that we're truly on the right path...

A young man between 15 - 20 (it was hard to tell) came to our door, looking to snowblow our driveway for a set price. There was some hesitation on Big Daddy's part. You see there was something different about this young lad. It was apparent that he had a mental disability of some sort.

Well, the price was set, he got to work, and Big Daddy kept an eye out for him. When the job was done, he came back to the door in his thread-bare mitts, for payment and a kleenex. He looked cold and tired. Who knows how many driveways he'd already finished.

Big Daddy paid him, then offered him some supper. He had a tough time handling utensils. That's when he launched into his story about his Dad getting him a shovel at 7 years old and by the time he turned 13, he had paid for that snowblower all on his own.

Now here he was going door-to-door all alone and so unaware of any danger that could befall him.

As Big Daddy relayed the story, I couldn't help but think that we were definitely on the right path. Not only on the path to self sufficiency, but on the path to setting up a family business at the farm. Something that our girls could carry on. Some place safe.

You see, our "big girl" is Autistic and as much as I fret over what lies ahead, it's her future that I truly worry about.

Thank God, we're on the right path....

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  1. oh Team KNOW how i feel about this post!


    i am on my knees Thanking God beside you!

    God Bless, my friend...God Bless!