Sunday, January 18, 2009


I have been known to do some laundry by hand...not just my unmentionables, but other clothes that shouldn't spend a lot of time in the wash machine. Along with my clothesline, this is my very simple set-up:

Simple washtub and toilet plunger

Notice I have "Laundry" printed on the plunger just in case Big Daddy gets any big ideas to use it for something unsavoury! The toilet plunger works great on fine items but it would turn itself inside out a little if I was really using my muscles. So, I upgraded to the more sturdy type of plunger - the one on the right.

Since we will be spending a lot of time at the cabin this year and it is off-grid, I thought we should invest in a better set-up.

This week, I ordered the rapid washer:

and a glass washboard from Lehman's.

and this really cool hand wringer from Kleen-Rite Corp for about $60 less than Lehman's.

God love you Americans...and your retail set-up! lol I just called them up and had them deliver to my Mom in Florida. She'll bring them all home with her in the spring.

Now if you want to see how laundry is really done....go visit this fabulous family. They are living the simple life and it makes me smile every time I visit them. Thanks Leslie for the product recommendations!
And just for fun, I found a cute little place called Pickens General Store and ordered up a pair of these Blizzard lanterns for $12. Did I mention how much I love the U.S.?! lol


  1. Too Cool, I love it all. Great links too. Good to see you are getting everything in order for the move to the cabin. You got some cool stuff I think.


  2. teeheehee....i love american retailers too! another awesome post...keep it up!


  3. Hey Chris: WE don't plan on buying a washer/dryer for our new house when we build on our land either. Isn't that crazy?! lol

    Hey Kymber: Listen, I tried...really I tried to buy all of our stuff from Canada! I can't source anything here! God love the U.S. of A.!
    Thanks for the encouragement! You're like a personal cheerleader! hehe

  4. I don't like doing laundry and I got the super-duper deluxe Whirlpool (energy star) Front loading bad boys. By hand. That be right up there with me sleeping in a tent or getting in your pool. LOL!! Those wash boards do make lovely decorations hanging on the wall of a laundry room though...

    (Oh man...your web friends are going to think I am sooooo shallow! LOL!)

  5. Ahhh Penny: LMAO That's why I love you!! You can always make me laugh! So there's no scrubbing the Big Guy's shorts on a washboard for you, eh? You should do a mock photo shoot and put it on your blog...see what kind of response you get. Your mother-in-law would have a heart attack!

  6. Hey, I have slept in a tent...

    and used an apartment size ringing washer and hung my clothes over my bathtub in my first apartment after highschool...

    but cant make macaroni and cheez from anything but a box....

    feel better now

  7. Awwwww Janice, you are a homesteader at heart! lol

  8. My support group! Love you guys!!

    MIL would definitely wonder what was up if I started doing laundry by hand.