Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Okay, you now have cases of soup and tuna lining your pantry shelves. There are hundreds of pounds of rice, beans and wheat in bins. Your emergency medical supplies are in order. Lots of ammo at the ready. The SHTF.....regular life is interrupted....for how long...who knows! If you're like us, you have kids who need to be educated and not everyone has curriculum stashed away. I would suggest getting some old time school books on your shelves. Just the basics, like readers, math, grammar, geography, etc. They're cheap and could come in handy one day. We also keep cases of paper on hand and dozens of pencils. Don't forget the kids!

While you're at it, throw an old farm book on the shelf too. One that includes childbirth, raising poultry and recipes all in one. lol


  1. Exellent advice. I had never thought about the kids like that before. They will still need to learn, maybe even more so. I love books and I'm sure I have some the would work fine. Thanks for the reminder. I just love that cabin.


  2. So glad to find a blogging homesteader in my neck of the woods! and, as chris said - exellent advice!
    very much looking forward to more of your posts!


  3. Chris: Thanks for the comment. I know, I know, you love the cabin...lol

    Kymber: Thanks for dropping by!