Monday, January 26, 2009


After 3 batches of the most fabulous bread I've ever made, I made a so-so batch. Hmmmm. Then last night's batch...well...what can I went straight to the garbage before it even had a chance at the oven.

After a thorough examination of the "starter", I pronounced it D.O.A. Dough Otherwise Active! lol

Not a complete failure though...I did get 6 very large loaves of fabulous bread from one tbsp of yeast...that has to count for something, right? Now off to figure out what I did wrong....


  1. Sorry about the death of your starter. I am hoping to make one myself after our move. I am still a little confused on the 'feeding' and using of it.


  2. Marisabel: Hi right back at yah! Glad you stopped by.

    Hiya Debbie: You know, I fed it a lot when it hit the fridge with 1/2 cup water and 1/2 cup of flour. I was making a new batch of bread every other day. I'm now thinking that I shouldn't have put it in the fridge if I was using it so much...don't know. Sorry I can't be more help! We'll get it figured out though...bear with me.

  3. So sorry your sourdough died! Did you do anything to revive your starter before using it? Your problem may have been using a cold starter. That means the yeast was dormant, and not active. Before using a refrigerated starter, you need to get it out at least 12 hours ahead and feed it to wake up the yeast. Letting it sit for a day or two and feeding is even better. If you have a sourdough that you think is dead, don't throw it away! Regular feedings should bring it back to life. Keep it up!

  4. Garden Girl: Thanks for stopping by and for the advice!! Now, if I am baking bread every other day, can I just leave the starter out on my counter? Is it necessary to refrigerate it? Thanks for your help.

  5. Hey there! If you don't mind, I'll post this over here too for the benefit of anyone else reading this.

    If you're baking every other day, there is no need to refrigerate. Just pour off and feed your sourdough on the in between day. I keep my sourdough on top of a bookshelf in our livingroom. If you don't want to bake with your sourdough for a while it is fine to refrigerate. A refrigerated sourdough only needs to be fed once a week, and then back to every day when you get it out. Now, I have never refrigerated mine; that is just what I have read. ~Emily