Monday, March 2, 2009


Ever since Chris over at Johnson Family Farm blogged about canning, I've been itching to get me one! lol Well, mine finally arrived last week! Woohoo! I did some serious bird-dogging online...but finally settled on a 23 quart Presto Pressure Canner. It was the best bang for my buck and my local hardware store brought it in for me. Man, I thought I got some wild stares and snickers when I pick up my freebie buckets....but that was nothing compared to the hoopla over the canner!! Waaay too funny! What I couldn't believe about it...was how flippin big it is!

It's supposed to handle 7 quart jars, 20 pints
or 25 pounds of love!! LOL

I can't wait to get this thing fired up! Okay Chris...what do I can first?