Monday, March 2, 2009


Ever since Chris over at Johnson Family Farm blogged about canning, I've been itching to get me one! lol Well, mine finally arrived last week! Woohoo! I did some serious bird-dogging online...but finally settled on a 23 quart Presto Pressure Canner. It was the best bang for my buck and my local hardware store brought it in for me. Man, I thought I got some wild stares and snickers when I pick up my freebie buckets....but that was nothing compared to the hoopla over the canner!! Waaay too funny! What I couldn't believe about it...was how flippin big it is!

It's supposed to handle 7 quart jars, 20 pints
or 25 pounds of love!! LOL

I can't wait to get this thing fired up! Okay Chris...what do I can first?


  1. Well that picture sure adds perspective! LOL!! Happy canning!

  2. Hey Cath, glad to see that big canner finally made it. You are gonna love it, it's just like mine. I think your off to a good start with what's in the canner now. I wish I could can my little one and keep her that way. After that you can do just about anything with it. Check this site for instructions on canning most anything.

    If I can help in anyway just let me know.


  3. Hey Penny: I'm thinking I could teach my DAVEBOT2009 how to work it. lol

    Hey Chris: Oh I'm with yah, Bud! If only we could keep those little ones teeny forever!!!
    I'm pretty dangerous right now...I might have to shoot something just so I can try my canner! Oh Biiiig

  4. oh gosh...pick anything...there are tons of great and easy recipes to start with...just do it and you'll be hooked!

  5. Hey Warren: Yup, just pick anything and get over my extreme fear of the thing blowing a hole in my kitchen ceiling! lol Thanks for stopping by.

  6. Saw you somewhere (perhaps stumbleupon) with your english muffins from GardenGirl. I got my first canner last year and it took me almost 4 months before I worked up the courage to use it as a pressure canner. Before that I started with water bath stuff and it was a good transition. I think my first "real" canning project was split pea soup.

    Good luck!!!

  7. Hey there MeadowLark: Nice of you to drop in! I've done jams/jellies and pickled asparagus/beets before just NOT the "real" canning! lol Hope you come for another visit after I get this thing fired up! You might even get to see pictures of our fire fighters. hehe

  8. OK, it's time to get started with that canner. What have you been canning?? I know you've been up to something.