Thursday, February 12, 2009


In preparation of the onslaught of mosquitoes at the cabin this year, and knowing full well that spraying my little ones with DEET is not an option, I have opted for full body armour.

It is very apparent after years of swatting and swearing, we cannot beat ' we might as well join 'em. Become one with the bug!

The search was on for the ultimate bug jacket and I found 3 possible sources.

The first company had fabulous deals...$14.99 for a full hooded jacket. One problem, they don't stock them! Okay, strike 1.

The second company had them for $19.99, but honestly the mesh/screen used in the hood part was way too dark. I could just see our little people bumping into things or tripping, the jackets would be off in a flash, they'd be bitten from head to toe, then they'd swell up like a carnival balloon, hospital visits would follow....well you get the picture.

Then I found this:

Look at this happy family, having the time of their lives, laughing at the bugs! Now that's what I'm looking for. Oh they were a little more expensive at Lee Valley, but I did get a surprise when I ordered them...the kids' jackets come with a set of leggings. Neat!

Now I can't wait for spring....bugs and all.


  1. TOO COOL!!!!
    i love those things!
    as we have only 13 white pines in the backyard and a bat house - we don't have too much trouble with mosquitoes! but i am definitely gonna need some of those things for when we go back to Cape Breton....make sure to update us as to how well they work eh?
    and do you mind telling the price?

  2. I want photographic evidence! girl here laughing her @$$ off right now. I'm sure after one visit to the cabin in the woods I'll be happy that you bought an XL for the visitor. I grew up in NW Ont. I know mosquitoes. But 15 years here has caused me to repress those memories.

    BTW....does everyone that comments have to try two times with the security word? Every time it takes me two tries.

  3. Hey Kymber: The bug jackets arrived! Yippee! And they work great...I wasn't bitten once all day!! hahaha I'm pretty sure they were $32 a piece.

  4. hi, I attended a wilderness medicine conference this last summer, a PA/army medic couldn't say enough nice things about permethrin (sheep dip), said to dip clothing in it, will last through several washings...can also soak a rope in it to surround a campsite or sleeping bag, good luck I really enjoy the site.

  5. Hiya Anonymous: Ummmm, did I hear you right? You want me walk around with sheep poo on my clothes? Hey, I'm game if it repels the bugs!!lol Thanks for stopping by.