Monday, August 10, 2009


As promised, Big Daddy and Uncle Bill set up a little shooting area down by the garden so I could practice with my 12 Gauge. Waaaay too much fun! lol
The fellas talking it over:

Big Daddy in action:

Yeah, that's right - holding my ears! The noise from a shotgun blast just rattles your body!:

Weapons down please:

Checking the target:

After a few rounds, they had me load 2 shells in and fire - I guess I didn't have it back to the right position when I took that second shot....oh yeah, that left a mark on my arm! LMAO It was really heavy too.
Reach for the sky - you dirty horse thief! lol:

Now let's try the rifle - much easier with a scope. The kick made me take 2 steps backward.:

Anyone can hit a target, but it takes a real pro to hit the post holding the target hehehe! The fellas hit 2 each, closest to the bullseye. I hit the bottom ring and see that white flowery weed. I put the stem through the post as my marker:

I'm pretty sure you could slot gun people into 4 categories. There's Cautious, Comfortable, Cocky, and Crazy.
I'm definitely in the Cautious category....we are very particular to do everything on the checklist. The whole time we are holding a gun, we are thinking, "holy crap I'm holding a gun!" lol The hair on the back of our necks is standing up and we're very aware of the power and danger that's in our hands.
Big Daddy and Uncle Bill are in the Comfortable category....they grew up around guns. They still understand that it's dangerous but they aren't bristled by it.
The Cocky gun owner is the one that doesn't give a crap about what category other gun people are in, while in their presence. They are a little reckless. I've met a few hunters in our area that fit this category. They don't seem to have a healthy fear of what's in their hands.
Then there's Crazy. I can't even imagine the mindset it would take to shoot someone on purpose!!! But that bear that's terrorizing my gas cans better watch his step! lol

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Baby ducks heading to the water with their mommy:

Is this a poppy?:

The bees were lovin' this:

Choke cherries aren't quite ready:

Storm rolling in:

Big Daddy pruning one of the apple trees:

Look at these handsome fellas out for a walk:

He'd go great with my taters eh?:

Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Have you ever lost your way? I mean, have you ever planned for something...spent endless hours researching and making calculations, purchasing the right resources, working the plan to the best of your abilities...while others sat back and watched you or maybe worse, scoffed at your plans and hard work?! Then to have it all blow up in your face! You start to question your plan...and start to question yourself and everything you believe in! You just lose your way....

Just when I thought I couldn't take it anymore and Prozac was looking reeeeal good, we headed up to the cabin for an extra long weekend. I got a surprise!! My garden - my source of embarrassment - had survivors in amongst the knee high grass and dogbane that had taken over. I couldn't believe it!! After a few hours of tilling and weeding, we now have.....

POTATOES - lots and lots of tasty little potatoes:

ASPARAGUS - 64 pencil thin ferns:

RASPBERRIES - 6 plants that even had tiny fruit on them:

BLUEBERRIES - 2 healthy plants

TOMATOES - small plants but they are flowering:

.....and no need for that Prozac prescription.