Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Have you ever lost your way? I mean, have you ever planned for something...spent endless hours researching and making calculations, purchasing the right resources, working the plan to the best of your abilities...while others sat back and watched you or maybe worse, scoffed at your plans and hard work?! Then to have it all blow up in your face! You start to question your plan...and worse...you start to question yourself and everything you believe in! You just lose your way....

Just when I thought I couldn't take it anymore and Prozac was looking reeeeal good, we headed up to the cabin for an extra long weekend. I got a surprise!! My garden - my source of embarrassment - had survivors in amongst the knee high grass and dogbane that had taken over. I couldn't believe it!! After a few hours of tilling and weeding, we now have.....

POTATOES - lots and lots of tasty little potatoes:

ASPARAGUS - 64 pencil thin ferns:

RASPBERRIES - 6 plants that even had tiny fruit on them:

BLUEBERRIES - 2 healthy plants

TOMATOES - small plants but they are flowering:

.....and no need for that Prozac prescription.


  1. Hey, great news on the garden front! Glad the 'taters are getting along OK...

    If you got 'taters, you got food!

  2. Hey Jim! Thanks for stopping by to check up on me. It's been awhile since I've posted...
    You're right...if you got taters, you got food....those little taters were reeeal good roasted in the oven with some olive oil and garlic. I think I'll dig up some little red ones next weekend!
    I appreciate you dropping in...

  3. great looking garden.....I remember planting potatoes as a kid....in my mum's flower bed, which was more of a quarry now that I think about it...

    glad to have you back...you have been missed...

  4. Seems sometimes that the "untended" gardens grow as well (or better) than those lavished with care. Your taters look great. You'll have lots of goodies soon!
    Welcome back!

  5. Hiya Janice! hehe, a quarry? Good to hear from you...thought you might have been caught up in a tornado yesterday! On second thought...are you out East with P?

  6. Hey Sue! Thanks for dropping by! I figure the deer and moose couldn't eat it because it was hidden in the weeds! hahaha

  7. There aint nothin wrong with that Cath. I wont compete with you till next year maybe. Ok? Ok.

  8. Hey Mark! Bring it on, brother. BRING...IT...ON! LMAO! By the way, how am I supposed to compete with someone who can lift half a house without making any kind of grunt noise??!?! Hmmmmm? lol
    Have a great weekend! Oh and check back on Monday...my brother-in-law is taking me shooting and if there aren't any mishaps, I should have some pictures! hehe