Sunday, June 14, 2009


It has been a month of weirdness around here....

Let's start with our shipment of plants from the East Coast...the strawberries were D.O.A. and everything else was on life support. We had snow the last day of May and 2 very hard frosts during the first week of June. Hundreds of dollars of asparagus plants and berry bushes were destroyed!

Next came the busted sewer lines, sewage back-up and subsequent clean-up. $9500 and our insurance company won't cover it.

The brakes and brake lines went on Big Daddy's old beater. Another $1000

There have been oodles of employees walked out the door where Big Daddy works. Benefits and holidays have been slashed. Wages are probably next on the chopping block.

Thursday night as we were not so patiently waiting for Big Daddy to return from the States, I was in my jammies and blowdrying my hair when I hear this scream! Not the kind that says "hey she has my toy". No this was the kind that means "I'm terrified and in extreme pain". As I raced to the kids' room, I met Ry in the hall looking reeeeeally guilty. I'm yelling "where's Jay?" Then the closet door opened and my wee babe, with eyes the size of saucers and a terrified face steps out still screeching! Again, I'm yelling "what happened...where are you hurt?" She reaches for me and puts her little foot in my hand...OMG!! I'm yelling again "OMG, OMG"! Her baby toe was squished beyond recognition! It was a mad dash to get some clothes back on, throw the kids in the van, and off to the hospital we go.......

What a scary place...

The women in the glass booth wore masks. The nurse who did the initial assessment of J's injury was less than helpful. The waiting room was crowded with masked patients - mandatory if they come in with any flu-like symptoms. All I could think about was - we're here for a toe and we'll probably catch something dreadful just waiting. Anyway, 1 1/2 hrs later and with only 1 person being called in to see a Dr.....we were outta there! At this point J was able to walk on her hurt foot and the toe was back to its normal shape and colour - just a few layers of skin missing.

Friday morning there was an "incident" here at home. I won't get into any specifics but let's just say I wouldn't have been much of a match for this 6', strongly-built stranger who was "high" or in need of one. 5' 4" me, dress and apron on, alone with 2 little girls....I locked all the doors and windows, called the police, watched and waited....

I must say, the 2 officers were fabulous!

I was really upset by the incident!
I'm upset that I allowed the incident to scare me!
I don't want to live afraid!
I'm upset at myself for becoming emotional in front of the police officers as I apologized to them for having to call!

There were lessons to be learned from all the stuff that has happened over the past 30 days...big lessons...and I feel like I'm being tested. A little like Job....but without the boils....but there's always tomorrow. LOL


  1. Never be upset for being scared , but you're right about having to be tested a bit from time to time to make us more aware of all the possibilities. I'm glad that you and the young ones are all ok...and safe!

    You are stronger than you think, IMHO...

  2. Thank you for your concern Jim!!! I really appreciate it!!

  3. I sure hope your bad streak ends. I'm glad you were okay.......people are quite unpredictable, so it's a good thing you called the police right away.
    We've had 2 freezes this month too. The garden is going to be really interesting this year, to say the least.
    Best to you

  4. Hiya Sue! I was hoping the bad streak would end after 3. lol People are quite unpredictable - and crazy people even more so!! Yikes! Thanks for stopping by. I appreciate it!

  5. Wow, thats some crazy bad luck Cath. Kinda makes my problems look small. Sometimes I do have those little unlucky spells though, where everything I touch turns to @#$%. I sure do hope things turn around for you soon.

  6. I suspect the police prefer to help people who are actually in need than some of the other more mundane things they must do...good call..

  7. Hey Mark! I was going to say - it couldn't get any worse...but I'm thinking I should just keep my yap shut! lol I mean really what next...boils, plague, bird nests on my truck bumper?! lol

  8. Hi there Warren! Yeah I guess rescuing the damsel in distress made their day! lol

  9. Hey Cath,
    Here's a BIG hug full of warmth coming your way! I'm so sorry to hear about this. The violation that you must feel having someone, short of looking like the Hulk, come on your property unannounced and unwanted! Crying and being emotional ----- HELLO ---- that's called being human! Contrary to how we were raised, this is NOT a sign of weakness....Lots of Love to you. Cousin Lesley

  10. Awwwwwww Les, you're such a sweetie!! Thank you for your kind words! "contrary to how WE were raised"...yeah, don't get me started! lol
    Lots of love right back to you and your little man!

  11. Cath, so sorry to hear of all your troubles, when it rains it pours. Hope the little one is feeling some better, I know how bad it hurts you when they are in pain. As for that stranger, start carrying a hand gun at all times...ok maybe not everyone does that but hey, it's an idea.. Wishing you nothing but good times in the very near future. Take care and God bless you all.