Monday, June 1, 2009


FRIDAY: Temperature - pretty warm. My shipment of 225 strawberry plants are D.O.A. Just a slimy and/or blue mold mess. Fence is still not complete. It's a beautiful day nonetheless.

Path leading down to my garden:

SATURDAY: Temperature - a tad cooler but nice for planting 9 raspberry plants, 6 blueberry plants, 72 asparagus crowns, 1 rhubarb and 28 hills of potatoes. Bugs - well let's say I could hardly see out the mesh of my bug hat! Fence is still not complete. It's a beautiful day nonetheless.

Mama planting the garden:

SUNDAY: Temperature - cold enough to snow! I now have the entire garden on life support! Fence is still not complete. It's a frustrating day - we went home...

Big Daddy working on the corner posts:

Snow falling on May 31:


  1. Snow on May 31st! Well I never! Can't imagine. Hasn't been warm here but it hasn't snowed either. Guess I won't complain!!

  2. Oh does Big Daddy look seeing as the fence still isn't done? :)

  3. Gotta be some bad-ass bugs to be out when it's snowing! Don't send 'em to Texas!

    Hope the garden survives, and I'm sorry to hear about the strawberries!

  4. What a great looking path, I could spend hours just walking up and down the path alone. Looks peaceful and very inviting. Love the place and things are lloking really nice.

    Code Name "Bullseye"

  5. Hey there P! You made me snort! I love it! Big Daddy is just fine...for now. lol

    Hey there Jim! No bugs the day it snowed - that was the only bright spot to the day! lol If the little beggars could survive that cold, I'd just have to sell the place! hehe

    Hey Bullseye! It's a great path...but look out for Mama on the ATV...vroooom! hahaha