Tuesday, May 26, 2009


We had 10 days to complete 3 major projects - oh I can hear your snickers already...

1) New steel roof on the cabin

2) New 10 x 19 shed was to be built

3) Garden was to be fenced and planted

Like I've said - double the budget and triple the time allowed! Hooboy! My garden....posts are in and my 225 strawberry plants are on life support! I did manage to get 12 tomato plants, 6 basil plants and 6 pepper plants in the ground though. The shed project....well....I'll leave that for another post!

Big Daddy and Papa Bob finished the steel roof during the worst bout of black flies I have ever seen! The bugs were freakin horrendous and the men were real troopers!!!

The men got a counter/sink working for me and put up a couple of cupboards. Hey Penny, don't get excited - still no running water - my sink drains into a bucket! lol

They also got my well working - oh joy!!!!

They tore out the old stairs (a.k.a. death ladder). You can see the angle it was on. They moved the door to the bathroom. Then made some new steps with a landing. My freebie buckets store perfectly under it! hehe Good job fellas!

The girls went riding - bringing buckets of sand up to the cabin.

.....so I could make a safe fire pit.

The inside of the cabin is coming along.....

This is what happens to yah....when you tell me the garden fence won't be finished. LOL


  1. Remind me to never mess with you! The roof looks great! Just love the sound of the rain on a tin roof!

    Things are coming right along for ya...Great!

  2. Oh, a metal roof-lucky you! We want one so the snows clear off better. Maybe next year...sigh!
    Sure looks good.

  3. Hey there Jim! I know, I just love how the roof turned out too! Oh and btw, the story behind Big Daddy's black eye is even funnier than the prospect of me poppin him a good one...unfortunately, I've been sworn to secrecy. hehehe

    Hey Sue! Thanks for stopping by! Yup, we know all about that snow up here too!

  4. Ya, I know the feeling on the time and budget thing. It sure does seem to take alot longer than planned. Things are sure looking good your way though Cathy. Nice cabin.

  5. the cabin looks great....

    a bathroom eh??? that sounds promising..or does that run into a bucket too???...lol

    and now I know where I will be stopping by for my produce...

  6. Hey Mark! Thanks for the comment! I keep telling Big Daddy it sure does take a lot of money to live simply! Sheesh! lol

  7. Hey Janice! lol you're right...it's just a bucket! But I do have a fancy set up - antique pitcher/basin - for the washing up part!lol

  8. Looks like great progress all around!

    You gotta leave him with one good eye to see out of...so he can keep on working!

  9. Hey Warren! LMAO, I never thought of that!! Good advice! Thanks for stopping by!

  10. Your cabin is coming along nicely! Love the furnishings.

  11. My lord, that cabin is getting better by the day. Do you take in passers by?? If so I may have to try to pass by. Not if your gonna hit me with something though. LOL Hope Big Daddy is doing better. Your not gonna get much done treating your workers like that. LMAO.

  12. Hiya Donaldson Family! Thanks for stopping by! Little by little, we'll get it finished. Sorry I couldn't showcase anything but blackflies...no big hairy spiders or venomous snakes here! lol

  13. Oh Chris, you make me laugh!!! We'll take yah in if you're passing by...but when you hear "duck"....do it! lol