Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Anyone else going into cardiac arrest at the grocery checkout? Unbelievable! If you've been reading here, you know that I am...ummmm....frugal. I buy quite differently than the herd! At first it was just fun to see how much I could save but not anymore! Mama's gotta get serious!

Because we've been spending a lot of time at the cabin getting things fixed up, I've been neglecting things on the homefront. I was out of bread on a Sunday night so I just picked up what we used to buy all the time....$3.29!! Then they were going to charge me 5 cents to put it in a bag! All of our grocery stores are doing this now...no more free bags...bring your own or pay 5 cents each.

I'm just mad at myself for being unorganized...I'm home...I should be better prepared! There's no need to be throwing any of Big Daddy's hard-earned money away! Heading to the kitchen now....enough said!

The offender - $3.29 - never again!!!

Whole wheat with flax:

My newest creation - challah - it is soooooo good fresh from the oven! It also makes fabulous french toast on Saturday mornings! Penny, you'd love this bread!


  1. Aw...you got me with that bread! Now I'll have to go and do some baking today! I don't do well without my bread every day!( and my peanut butter and my chocolate, and my...)

    You are right on the money with the climb in the food prices! Even the catfood for the "roomies" has gone up...a LOT!

    The guy at the tobacco store says that tobacco is due another raise in federal taxes next month. He is closing some of his stores as business has dropped almost 50%...people can't afford to smoke anymore.

    Guess alcohol is next...wonder where the money is going to come from when they lose taxes on people that stop drinking and smoking?

    Good post and the pics of the bread are GREAT!

  2. Hey there Jim! Count me in with the bread! Another good reason why size 8 is long gone! lol
    Thanks for the compliment! How about you pour another cup and I'll go fetch us some piping hot cinnamon bread?! Hmmmm?

  3. yes...we've noticed the craziness too! We've been on the frugal route for awhile too so we keep a pretty close eye on prices as well. I think it is where we are now though...so time to decide...as you have done!

  4. I think our bill's gone up 25%. And I'm trying to plan more. Waste less. It's crazy.

    I can't wait for my french toast ala Ina on that Challah bread. Hope it travels well because you're sending a loaf or two home with me. At least some rolls!! Please!!

  5. Hey Warren: Thanks for stopping by! Hey great looking tub, you scored!

  6. Penny, Penny, Penny: Nothin' finer than French Toast a la Ina!!! Don't worry, it travels real nice...if it even makes it to the airport! lol

  7. I figured the rolls would tie me over to the airport then the Challah bread might make it east!

  8. Wow...I am impressed....mine sure doesn't turn out as pretty as yours

  9. BTW...anonymous is ME...Sandie...I keep forgetting my password...lol