Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Paint WILL freeze inside the cabin in the middle of May.

Whatever budget you set for projects - double it.

Woody's Mexican Lime Vodka Coolers can be opened with a variety of garden tools.

When you've overworked your shoulder/knee/hip - the best treatment is to work it some more.
"We can have that out to you by Saturday" - really means it will be there on Tuesday, 2 weeks later.

Whatever time you've allowed to finish a project - triple it - something WILL go wrong.
9th anniversary is NOT pottery afterall - it's farm equipment.

Old treasures:
You know you live in the north, when......


  1. Got me to laughing out loud on today's post, my friend! Oh, and as far as the treasures go, I've said before that ya'll have the coolest stuff on your property!

    Gotta LUV that last sign!

  2. Hey there Jim! Every spring before the grasses/weeds stand up, we seem to find more and more little treasures...old mason jars with glass lids, neat medicine bottles, old farm equipment imbedded in tree trunks...just amazing! Oh I'm sure most is just junk...but it still makes me smile!
    Thanks for stopping in again!!

  3. I did'nt know paint would freeze, but I knew water will freeze in the middle of May. It's crazy this country we live in. Thanks for the valuable information. How many acres do you have there anyway? It seems you keep finding different goodies all the time.

  4. Hey Mark! One day the sweat's running down your face...the next it snows! Gotta love it! We have 100 acres here. We've explored the perimeter and we know the end part of 10 acres like the back of our hand...but the middle...well that will have to wait. There's a good chunk of maple bush in there that we'll day! Lots of plans...if we live long enough to do them all! lol

  5. Hi,
    Just popped in from Hermit Jims. Great place you have there. I loved your comment about ninth anniversary's. When my diamond got lost out of my ring, I got a tiller instead. I think I made a GREAT swap.
    100 acres-now that's a fine chunk of land. Have fun exploring!

  6. I loved your post! It put a big smile on my face, most likely because I can relate to most of it.

    Take Care,

  7. Hiya Sue! Thanks for stopping in! A tiller for a diamond?! Oh you scored big time! lol I'd be losing a couple more sparkles - a girl can always use more farm equipment!! hehehe I checked out your blog - just GORGEOUS!! I'm drooling over your garden! When we get back next week I'll take my time over at your place...
    Have a good one,

  8. Hey there Debbie! Are you still in love with your new place?! Now you had some interesting "finds" there.
    Thanks for stopping in!