Monday, May 11, 2009


....and they moved to Beverley....Hills that is! lol Well not quite. Big Daddy and I hauled our stuff up north on Friday in a rented cube van. Fence posts, wire, shop equipment, shed kit, and furniture all made its way to the farm. I love it! Oh and did I mention that the black flies were finally out. They were still stupid though and didn't know that they were supposed to bite.

Saturday we drove up again and got to work....Big Daddy moved all the posts down to the field and got the shed kit in place - all 1000 lbs and 1000 pieces....while I worked my field once again! And it poured down! We were both soaked to the skin!

Sunday it snowed! I kid you not! Did a number on the black flies too! Gotta love that!

Loading the truck:

Big Daddy moving all the posts down to my garden:

Just taking a break:

I'm almost done. My garden measures 160 x 120:

Rock wall that we found:

It's 4' high, 8' wide and 350' long:


  1. Awesome!! (except the black flies and snow!)

  2. Wow...that's a great looking garden! I'll bet you can grow a fair amount of groceries there!

    I love the wall, but hope that you don't start finding rocks like that when working in the garden...

    You just have the coolest stuff at your place!

  3. Hey P: (except the black flies and snow...and lack of indoor plumbing!) lol

  4. Hey there Jim! Thanks a lot! My garden area is pretty much rock-free, thankfully! However, I did find 2 that can't be removed so I spray painted them in fluorescent "no trespassing/no hunting" orange so I'll remember NOT to pass the tiller nearby. lol

  5. The Great Wall of Ontario. I would like to know the story behind that wall. I guess they had to dump the rocks somewhere. Thats an interesting chunk of ground you're on.

  6. Hey there Mark! Interesting ground is right! I'm guessing the ground is pretty rock-free beside that wall...must have been a lovely field at one time...of course it's all forest again! I'm sure the original owner would have a heart attack if he saw his land right now...all the work he did by power tools! Those were some tough old fellas - back in the day, eh?