Tuesday, January 20, 2009


We finalized our seed order the first week of January and some of it should be arriving in the next week. I really thought it would be easy. Flip a few pages, pick some neat things and be done....man it was tough. Finding plants that will thrive or even survive in our zone, choosing from early, mid to late harvest, hybrid versus heirloom, etc. I am sooooo excited to be planting our test garden this year at the cabin. It still amazes me to put a tiny seed in the ground and have plants and food come from it! I am in awe of the process!

We ordered the following from Vesey's:
Asparagus - Guelph Millenium - 72 roots It takes at least 2 years to get a crop, so we're getting a jumpstart.
Yellow beans - Gold Rush, Gold Mine, Indy Gold
Beets - Detroit Dark Red Supreme. I made pickled beets this past year for the first time and will definitely do up a whopper of a batch this fall.
Broccoli, Brussel Sprouts, Cauliflower, Celery - I originally had them on the list, but we decided to put more energy and money into berry plants.
Carrots - Napoli, Resistafly
Corn - Spring Treat, Applause, Honey Select. This package had different qualities and harvest times.
Cucumbers - Calypso Pickling. We'll try our own pickles this year too.
Garlic - Spring Garlic Sets and Fall Garlic Sets
Leeks - Giant Musselburgh Heirloom
Lettuce - Baby Leaf, Sangria, Paris Island
Onions (green) - Parade
Onions - Red Beauty
Peas - Lincoln Heirloom
Peas - Dakota, Dual, Wando. Lots and lots of peas...
Potatoes - Norland (red) and Yukon Gold. Our soil is soooo set up for growing potatoes.
Radishes - French Breakfast Heirloom. These were a funny shape.
Spinach - Tortoiseshell

For the tomatoes and peppers, I opted for starter plants that will be shipped here in the spring:
Tomatoes - Applause - 6 plants
Tomatoes - Red Alert (cherry size) - 3 plants
Tomatoes - Window Box Roma (dwarf plants) - 3 plants
Peppers - Carmen, Fat n Sassy - total of 6 plants

Since berries take a long time to fruit, we ordered up a bunch to get a headstart:
Strawberries - Veestar - 50 plants
Strawberries - Cabot - 50 plants
Strawberries - Seascape - 50 plants
Strawberries - Kent - 75 plants

Raspberries - Boyne - 9 plants

Blueberries - Blueray, Bluecrop - total of 6 plants
Blueberries - Chippewa - 1 plant

Rhubarb - Crimson Cherry - 1 plant Must have a strawberry/rhubarb pie.

I don't know enough about herbs. I can see us studying them in detail...but just not yet. So I ordered what I do know and use a lot of:

We also ordered flowers for the garden. I don't know if it's really true, but Marigolds - the French type - are supposed to repel bad critters. Order 1000, I said:
Yellow Boy French Marigold
Early Russian Heirloom Sunflowers - just because they're so beautiful

We already have 6 ancient apple trees on the farm but we thought we'd get a few more fruit trees to round them out. We found a guy near Sudbury (Ron Lewis) who specializes in really hardy fruit trees. They come in from Manitoba and Saskatchewan - yup should be hardy! lol Since he doesn't know what will be available until the spring, I can't give you the names of the trees just yet. But, we will order:
Apple trees - 6
Pear trees - 4
Cherry - 2
Cherry Plum - 2

I think it will be a good start...a real learning curve for sure!


  1. Wow...I'm coming for supper! Add yellow beets to the list. Seriously, some of the best beets I had were yellow beets from Grandma's garden. Delish! Don't know the variety...might be able to find out. Also to add to your "herbs" - speariment or peppermint. The kids will love it!! We had some with our herb garden and it was fun for them to go pick and eat them...great on vanilla ice cream and in mojito's...okay so the last one's not for the kids!! LOL!

  2. What a great order. You are well on your way to taking care of all your needs at the cabin. I am very impressed, great job. Heirloom seeds are always a great to insure your seed supply but hybrids have a place in my ground too. Anytime I can buy a package of seeds for a dollar and get fruit after fruit, I'm gonna do it. I bought a pack of hybrid cucumbers for 75 cents and I must have picked 100 cucumbers from the one packet. Not to shabby for 75 cents. Good luck with all the garden and be sure to post some pics for us.

    Patting you on the back,

  3. Hey P: I've never heard of yellow beets! I just looked them up and Vesey's has one called Touchstone Gold. Okay, gonna order some yellow beets and some mints...for the kids yah know! lol

    Hey Chris: Thanks for the pat. I can't wait to get all of this stuff in the ground! There's just something about getting your fingers in the dirt...know what I mean?! Thanks for your continued interest!

  4. I planted potatoes once when I was five and a watermelon....

    Rob's aunt had a huge garden down at the cottage, but I know you guys will gasp when you hear this, but we planted grass...sorry the kids only had 4 acres to run in and I was only there 2 weeks a year...

    Pennys kids have played "bubbles and catch" on the old garden...

    and I say go with the yellow beets....you will only look like you "peed" yourself not "killed" someone when you pickle them...lol

  5. Hey Janice:
    Yeah, I remember those "killer" photos!!