Friday, January 16, 2009


The best time to learn and perfect a new skill is definitely NOT when you're under the gun. You need time to make a few mistakes along the way and learn from them. For me, 2009 will be the year that I finally take all of the knowledge gleaned from countless books and blogs and actually put it into practice. I had thought about posting a list of things that I will be trying this year and checking them off as I go along, but really it's just too much pressure. Better that I just post about it after my attempt even if I failed this....

How NOT To Light An Oil Lamp:

Can you spot the difference between the two lamps? Can you guess which one I tried to light for the very first time?

That's right...the one on the left. And right after I cleaned up the little bits of charred wick, wiped off the ceiling, put the fire out and stopped laughing, I realized that as simple of a job that this is, I still didn't know how to do it properly. What if it had been a life or death situation? It's one thing to stockpile items you think you may need, but unless you practice with them, we're simply not prepared. Lesson learned. Resume laughing...

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  1. Great advice for anyone. Don't do ya much good to have all that stuff and no knowledge of how it really works. Sometimes prepping is about knowing what you have and how to make best use of it. Good post and I hope everything cleaned up ok. hehe!!