Tuesday, January 6, 2009


It's been a gruelling couple of weeks...Rylee caught some "wild bug" and then it was passed along to all the members of Team Hall. Baby J and I are still fighting the good fight. I hate being sick! Just one more reason to keep the drawbridge up! lol

Laying around the house does have its benefits though...we worked out this year's plans for the cabin. We also sourced and priced our fencing and finished up our seed order. Last fall, my Dad bulldozed the top layer off the "garlic field" for us and that's where we'll plant some more trees and my garden. It's about 120 feet by 160 feet and as soon as the snow has disappeared...sometime in May (I kid you not), we'll get to work. Fast and furious!

For Christmas, because I'm such a high-maintenance woman, I asked for a cheese book and a new kitchen sink stopper. Got the book...umm, still miffed about not getting the stopper though! lol The first book, about home cheese making looks really good - easy stuff too.

We found some nice oil lamps on sale before Christmas. They were such a good deal, we bought 6 large and 2 small ones. Just plain jane, but I think they're sweet! They'll be great at the cabin this year. Big Daddy bought some coloured oil so I think we'll try them here first. Set the mood!

Scored some more free buckets over the holidays too, along with 2 from Home Depot. When I picked up this last batch of bakery buckets, the lady asked if I still wanted them to hold the buckets for me....since I've picked up quite a few already. As she's handing them to me she looks me straight in the eye and says "do you mind me asking what you're using them for?" I told her "sure I can tell you, but then I'd have to kill you." Well, she gave a nervous little chuckle and headed behind the counter. Since I want more buckets, I eventually did tell her that it was for my farm. Some people just can't take a joke!


  1. I tell folks the buckets are for storing the parts...that's all I say. Never get asked another question!

  2. Cool find, free buckets that's the best kind. I love the cheese making book too, if I ever learn to milk my goat (stop laughing at me) I hope to make some goats milk cheese. I bet those oil lamps will sure be nice on a cold dark night at the cabin. I can just see it now. Good work and glad to have ya back.


  3. Hiya Warren
    They don't ask any more questions because they're too busy looking at your "Bo" jeans! hehe

    Hey Chris
    Oh I have no doubt that you'll learn to milk. But sweetie, put away the raisin treats...bust out the red wine and Barry White albums and I think you'll be on to something! hehe