Friday, December 19, 2008


I know for some people, the whole idea of stocking food, survival gear and weapons is out of their realm...for let's start nice and easy. No matter what, everyone should have a kick-ass first-aid kit.

Big Daddy picked up a couple of these durable tool kits on sale awhile back...and I thought they'd be great to stock our first-aid gear in them. They'll take a beatin', that's for sure. They won't float worth a flip but that's another story....

The top has these 2 slip-out see-through containers, that I'm sure are meant for little nails or screws or whatever...mine hold band-aids. And if you're married to Big Daddy, you must have very portable and easily accessible band-aids...more on that...

So here's what's in this brute:

First aid booklet
elastic bandage
gauze bandages - lots and different sizes
gauze tape - lots and different sizes
heavy duty scissors
latex gloves - lots
needle and thread - in an old pill bottle
alcohol prep pads
wet naps
safety pins
hand sanitizer
tums - cabin coffee isn't the greatest yet
immodium - excellent choice when there isn't any indoor plumbing
robax - back pain pills a must have
nail clippers
pointy scissors
kids' thermometer and nail clippers
sodium chloride pour
hydrogen peroxide
bar soap
throat lozenges
eye dropper
after-bite - I swear the mosquitoes up there have mated with ravens - you should see them!
kids' after-bite

There are 2 more items in there that require a little explanation:

1. dryer lint stuffed into an empty toilet paper tube. If you have to make a fire pronto - get a little vaseline in there too and this will help start it. That's a Survivor Man trick.

2. Maxi-pads - oh there go all the male viewers lol - hang on fellas this won't last long....there will be times when a bandaid or square gauze just won't be good enough to cover a major wound.

Should probably pack some matches in there too, come to think of it. I always carry a small knife and lighter in my pocket, so it isn't an issue for me. Ah geez, now I just lost the female viewers - she carries a knife? lol

So there you have it...I'd appreciate any feedback...I'm sure I'm missing stuff!


  1. Heard about your blog over on Johnson Family Farm, and came to check it out. Love the pantry and the cabin, and I find your first aid kit impressive. One thing that I would add (and that I need to add myself, since my preparation in this area is not where it should be) would be instant cold and heat packs that activate when you need them. Good post.

  2. GREAT job, Too many people overlook this when prpearing preps. I am VERY impressed!! Very well thought out.


  3. Hiya Marie: Thanks for dropping by. Oh and thanks for adding the cold and heat packs to the list. I'll be adding those in on my next trip to town.

    Hiya Chris: Thanks a lot! Now there anything else you would add?!? Hmmmm?

  4. There is one other thing that is a must for my kit - tea tree oil. It is the best thing in the world to have. If you have never heard of it - check it out on the internet... I will never be without it again.

  5. Great and very helpful post. I hate to admit it but while I have a great first aid kit and any medical supplies I might need for the goats, the people first aid kit in our house is somewhat lacking.

  6. The only other thing you may consider is some antibiotic cream. Sounds like Big Daddy is gonna need some sooner of later. hehe!! Or is that what polysporin is??

  7. Great First Aid Kit! Wow!! Is that all leftovers from when we went to China? LOL!! It sounds a lot like what we brought, that is for sure. Of course, the second trip all we brought were bandaids and pepto bismal!

    Chris, Polysporin is an Antibiotic cream. They make a kids one too that stings like the dickens! I'd always tell Lucy "it doesn't hurt" until I tried hers. Now when I ask for Polysporin I always say "...and don't give me the kids one!" Ha, ha!!

  8. I love your blog and found this post very interesting. I had a nice first aid kit set up for the goats, while we had them, but I am surely lacking for the human first aid kit. Thank you for the list!

  9. Hiya Goat Creek Grandma: Thanks for stopping by! When I get my goats I'll be asking for advice on a first aid kit for them for sure!!