Thursday, December 18, 2008


In May of 2001 BC (before children), Big Daddy and I were out for a drive up north - hitting all of the backroads. We ended up in the middle of nowhere on a dead-end road...well road is not quite the right description - this was more of a path. At the very end, we spotted this old cabin...and wouldn't yah know it, a dilapidated for sale sign hung at the entrance. This place had been for sale for years and no one wanted it! Two old dolls from the city had purchased the place 15 years prior and were going to have a little goat farm one day. Well that day never came for them and they decided to sell it - dirt cheap! As soon as we bought it, we got the real skinny on the property and the surrounding area.

In 1896, Isaac and his family were deeded this 100 acres. The house that he built is long gone, unfortunately. A massive rock fence, 100 year old apple trees, and the square-cut stone basement is all that's left of his hard work. Oh and a ton of broken glass and rusted iron in the 3 dump sites. lol

In 1899 the area got its first one-room school house which happened to be at the bottom of the big hill leading up to Isaac's/our property. I actually have a picture with the kids all standing in front of it, some time in the early 1900's. Over time, the original log school house was dismantled and moved to be used as an Antique's Showroom. Then it was dismantled and it took one more trip....up our hill and landed right on our property. So that lovely old cabin at the top of this blog, is the original school house in the area! Isn't that cool?!

It sure was a mess when we first saw it! There was a tree growing right in the doorway - no one had been in there for quite some time. Okay, no people had been in, but my word, it had been party central for the local wildlife! Sure enough, the littlest of the wildlife still drop by for a visit.
We cleaned and disinfected, painted, and put in a new woodstove. We also installed hardwood floors...well sort of...we actually used 2 x 10 plank. Best wearing floor on the planet! lol And the cheapest too!

So that's our retreat - Hall Land hydro and no plumbing...just lots of fun and lots of love.


  1. Very cool history.

    I'd still need plumbing in PennyWorld. :)

  2. I just found you from
    You have to tell us more about this place! I'd like to see pics and hear more of your story!

  3. I'm with you Warren, I want to see and hear more about this great cabin that has found it's way into your life. Love it.