Friday, January 8, 2010


It's been quite a week - getting back into the school groove after all that time off! Poor concentration, short temper, lack of enthusiasm....and I won't even mention how bad my students were! hahaha I don't think I'll do that again! Doesn't work for us very well.

It's been a week of sleep issues around here too. You know it's becoming a problem when you lie awake trying to remember all the names of the Dugger children. You know you have "other" issues to deal with when you get super excited that you can remember them all. ~Sigh~

And speaking of the Duggers....doesn't anyone else think it's the least bit strange that out of 19 kids, NOT ONE has something "different" about them? Hmmmm? They're all smart, they can all play an instrument or 4. I mean really, do the math....wouldn't the odds go against them - so many should be autistic, so many diabetic, heart problems, hearing....
I mean not even a pair of glasses on any of them.....just things that come to mind at 3 a.m.

I guess after all the fun and frolic up north, Ry's having a hard time settling at night too. Every little thing wakes her up and sets her off! Gimme a break, it was just a little snoring...not truck-driverish! She's tough enough to handle, but without sleep - that's usually when I start googling Swiss Boarding Schools.

And then THIS arrives at the door:
Ohhhhhh Big Daddy, we're having problems with long and short the English language....and you want me to learn and teach Chinese?!?!
Oh brother....what would Michelle Duggar do?


  1. I don't know about the Duggers. I'm always left wondering when I watch the show now I just don't watch. But considering she has all those kids she looks so young! Gosh, one more and I'll look like that old lady that represents Hallmark cards. Grandma has the girls this weekend. Just chilling out and reveling in the peace...of course though, I miss them already!

  2. We had enough trouble with two. Thank God they grew up to responsible adults. But the four grand kids kept us young. But heh...they went home every day. Ha Ha

    See Ya

  3. Hiya P! Man, I'm with yah on the lookin' ragged part!! Who is that ole lady looking back at me from the mirror?? LOL

  4. Hey Tony! Yeah, both my kids were born in China! Cool eh?

  5. One thing about living alone...I don't have to worry about the snoring! The cats never complain about me...and I don't notice if they snore or not!

    Good luck on learning the new language, friend! Braver than I am, for sure!

  6. Hiya Jim! The mandarin is going to be a killer, for sure! The same word can be spoken with 4 different tones and mean 4 different things! Going to be a killer...LOL
    Thanks for dropping by!!

  7. We are going thru the same issues here with Lili...she is already a teenager when it comes to getting her sleep...Myah--5 am, ping up and raring to go....

    19 kids, couldnt imagine...I have 2, didnt give birth to either and the havoc they have done on this poor body...I am still trying to lose the "sympathy pregnancy" weight I put

    chinese sounds cool..I am still trying to figure that one out..they have classes here on Sat mornings..but I work...they are already speaking over me most days, throw in another language and I am
    good luck with it...

  8. Ohhh Janice! And the cellulite...did you get the adoption cellulite too?! LOL

  9. Chinese? Oh My!
    Good luck with that. I'm having a bear of a time with German-who knew objects have to be addressed as male or female. Eeesh. My old brain struggles to remember to put the coffee grounds in the basket BEFORE brewing coffee, and I'm supposed to remember that a table is "feminine or masculine?
    Best to you. I'll be interested in knowing how well the Rosetta Stone series works.

  10. Hiya Sue! Good luck with your German studies. I took it in high school and loved it! Mandarin? Holy moly, they have sounds and tones that my mouth just doesn't want to make! We've been working on identifying the drawn characters. Love it!!! After one run through, Ry could identify all 20 without hesitation. Fun, fun, fun!

  11. I wish I had 19 kids! Ten is good too!

    Chinese! Mmmmm, good food. We have been trying to learn greek for the past few years. Olders learned a lot of latin, I couldn't do chinese, except for dinner. LOL! Have fun.