Tuesday, January 5, 2010


I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and a safe but fun New Year. We did things a little differently around here this year. Like OUT with the turkey and IN with the fondue. We had soooo much fun! We headed north and spent a few days with Grandma....eating, playing in the snow, prepping for the next round of foundue....it was great! We came home for Christmas Eve so Santa could find the girls. Yeah, he found them...and us! lol Big Daddy got theme gifts this year, from all of his girls.

You thought I was weird, I mean wired before....well after sitting through 27 episodes of Jericho, my pantry room and preps just aren't going to cut it....I'm ready to build safe rooms, get armed to the teeth...maybe go into hiding! LOL I got the book idea from Selous Scout and I'm glad I ordered it...I just started to read it and can't put it down.

Santa brought me another Barefoot Contessa cookbook, a garden journal and......

I've nicknamed her the Beast! She's a beaut! Big Daddy had to have running boards installed because I couldn't reach the kids' car seats! LOL

Certain events that took place in December, shaped the look of our Christmas this year. One in particular was a snowstorm that ripped through, shutting down the highway and leaving everyone stranded. Yeah, we were in the middle of that mess with the kids and the dog, driving the van and towing the snowmobiles. There were lots of lessons learned that day!
#1 Being somewhat prepped wasn't good enough
#2 People are going to panic
#3 Tractor trailer drivers aren't who/what they used to be

It just happened that the OPP detoured us into the town where I grew up, and although it had changed, I was familiar enough with the area to make a plan B. Drivers in big 4x4's who knew the area and had driven in wild weather definitely had the advantage. We watched people panic - not knowing where they were or where they might head to wait out the storm. I'm sure most of them didn't have $10 cash on them. I don't know what happened to all the cars stranded on the highway...did everyone have enough gas? Apparently they closed it down for 24 hrs. Unbelievable! We happened to find an unguarded entrance onto the highway and kept moving along. We did just fine! The kids travelled like champs...singing and chatting away. Mama kept a good face on, but I'm telling yah, I prayed like crazy!!

Sooooo now all of our trips look way different....big truck, full gas can in the back, extra preps. No fooling around!
We made a decent driveway and dug the hole for the basement to our new house up at our land 2 months ago. My Dad says it looks like a Walmart is going in. lol It's not THAT big! haha Big Daddy has BIG plans but even now that looks like it could change. We were sledding with the kids in the pitch black on Grandma's hill, snow falling...just a gorgeous night and it hit me....it doesn't matter how much money you make, we'll never get this TIME back! Kids don't care how big their house is....they sure will remember spending time with us having fun though!

Those house plans might just get changed a little and that retirement date might be coming way sooner than originally planned.

All that northern fresh air makes a person think clearly....you know what I mean??


  1. Big Daddy must love that truck. Seems to me you are headed in the right direction. Keep prepping and stay the course.

    I'm hibernating...do not like cold weather. 39 degrees this morning.....BUT this Floraduh.

    God Bless.

    See Ya

  2. The Beast is a beauty! Go big or go home eh? I guess it's Go Big so you can Get Home!

    Sounds like you had a fun Christmas! I like changing tradition too. We had pizza Christmas Eve!

    Happy New Year!!

  3. Hiya Tony! Nice to see you! Ummmmm, did you miss the part about Santa bringing MEEEEEEE the truck?!?! Hmmmm? LOL
    Stay warm!

  4. Hey P! Ohhhhhhhh I knew you'd love 'er! hehe It's like driving a tractor into town...everyone get out of the way!!!!!!!!! LOL

  5. Man, sounds like you had a good time...and the BEAST is indeed, beautiful!

    Looks like it's going well for you and the family, as you head into your future!

    My very best wishes and good thoughts are sent to yoy, my friend!

  6. I do know what you mean Cath. I've been getting alot of the crispy cold northern air lately. Nice truck.

  7. Hey Jim! Thanks for that! I appreciate the kind words!!

  8. Hey Mark! Thanks for stopping in. Oh our northern air hasn't hit YOUR crispy status yet! You guys have had it brutal!

  9. I want a truck.....!!!!!!!!!

    Santa!!!! OH SANTA!!!! Bring me a truck too! It is NOT too late!!!!!!!!!

    {Walks away repeating...."thou shalt not covet!!"}

  10. Oh Mama Ant...you crack me up!!! But where oh where would you put alllllllll those kids?! LOL

  11. Doesn't it seat six? And there is the whole back of it! LOL!!!! Strap 'em on somewhere! I just love that truck!!!!!!!


  12. Ohhh Mama Ant! You're too funny! Don't tell anyone, but I love that truck too! LOL

  13. the beast is a beaut....running boards...I dont know, I would probally need a trampoline to even reach those...

    glad to hear that you had a great Christmas...

  14. Hey Janice!! Yeah, we'd have to get a ladder for you for sure! hehe Big Daddy asked me to grab something out of the back - I couldn't even reach over the side enough to crook my arm.

  15. By now you have probably finished reading One Second After. I bought it for myself at Christmas time and tried to stretch it out but finally had to just keep reading. A good book and it pointed out some definite holes in my prepping. Hope you found the book to be mindful and empowering.