Wednesday, January 6, 2010


He looks like just an ordinary guy.
But he does something unthinkable.
He contacts young girls over the internet to meet up with know, just to talk.
How many did he meet?
This time the young girl is really an undercover cop.
Got him!
A handful of years later, he resurfaces.
Should we be worried?
Is someone watching him?
Probably not.
Afterall, he has paid his debt to society, right?
Some jail time = rehabilitation, right?
Isn't that how it works in our society?
And he's married now....with a child.
So he must be harmless, right?
Just moved into a new house too....on the busiest corner for kids walking to school, which he can also see from his house.
How can this happen?
Isn't anyone monitoring his movements?
No one.
Sad isn't it?
That's what we say, when we read about him and those like him.
They're everywhere you know.
In every city, every town, every neighbourhood.
This time it's different.....
He's 5 doors down.

Do you know your neighbours?


  1. OMG! For real?
    I hope I know my neighbors...we have three cops in our neighborhood, two on my little lane, and another two who work with the police station. I love this place!!! Have I ever said that? I do.

    But you know what? I still don't let my children gallup the neighborhood by matter how old they are! They may go down to the road to ride their bikes but the rules here are: 1) Daddy and Moma both have to be here and 2) They must stay in the boundaries we have set and 3) If they break one of the above rules they don't get to go back down there for. a. long. time. afterwards!!!!!

    Also, my little bitty one doesn't ever go down there without a big sibling or parent. Well, there is also the lake but that is a different story...we are talking about neighbors!

    Anyway!....thanks for the reminder!!!!

  2. Hey Mama Ant! I'm afraid it's all true! I'm just wondering how hard it would be for the real estate agent to pound a sign in the frozen earth.

  3. How about pounding a sharp log into the F##king child molester? It's been proven time and time again that they will do it again. I'm for life in prison period. A bullet between the eyes would be better.

    Know your neighbors, and set up a watch system. Damn shame we have to do that. My childhood was much more free. We allowed this to happen. Time to get really really mad!

    Good Luck and God Bless.

    See Ya

  4. Man...I am so sad that this has touched your area! We never think this can happen in our neighborhood, but it does!

    Time to bring back the old frontier justice!

  5. Thanks for that Tony!! It just infuriates me that we (society) have to deal with this crap!

  6. Hiya Jim! See what I'm saying? Sad, that's what people say - because there's NOTHING that can be done! The wild part is - this one I know about - how many others are on this street already?

  7. Does the Word call for castration? Or stoning? Seriously! I can't believe it! REally!

    I am so sorry about this. I will be praying for protection for your family.

    {And well, we have houses for sale in my neighborhood! And then I can borrow your truck, in case santa doesn't get mine here! LOL!}

  8. Mama Ant! Man oh man, I just realized you're NOT Mama Ant anymore...sorry about that! Let's start again...
    Hey there AntfarmMom! At this point, I'm still boiling mad - so maybe you should pray for his safety too! LOL

    Okay, you can borrow the truck, but you'll have to swap me for....Ben. LOL That freckled face and red hair just makes me grin!!!

  9. Hi-I know this is late, but I'm just doing some catch up and feel the need to post on this. There is a wonderful site now that you can use to see if registered sex offenders are in the area. A great tool, and long overdue. Unfortunately, sometimes these guys slip through the cracks by NOT registering as required, but this at least helps.
    Best to you!!