Monday, March 22, 2010


We had a pretty good week around here last week. Grandma was here for awhile so I got "out" of the house A.L.O.N.E. Hopped in my truck with the tunes just a blastin'....singing my little heart out. Sounding a little like Dolly with a bit of Trace Adkins mixed in for good measure. LOL

First stop - shoe shopping. I had my eye on a strappy little number with a 3" heel. ROFL In another life maybe...
Actually, I hit the hardware store....pockets loaded with gift cards that needed redeeming. I bought 4 more cases of canning jars, new oven mitts, some mini bread pans, cheese cloth, big honkin' cheese grater and one of those stick blender thingies so I can puree soups right in the pot. 1 1/2 hrs later, I was back in the yard (still singing), done with my adventure and ready to pull the draw bridge back up.

The weather was mighty fine here all week too. Could NOT get the kids off the swings!!

Friday night we took the girls to a farm to JUST HAVE A

Introducing Jasmine and Kailyn:

Look at those little faces....aren't they sweet?! They can come home in 11 sleeps! I can't wait....I mean, the kids can't wait. hehe


  1. Puppies and kids - nothing much cuter. And your girls sure look excited - fun times ahead for all!!

  2. You seemed pretty happy as you were leaving the place Cath. I was kinda in suspence to see if you were actually going to return home again. But I knew would. Three inch heels? Those would work real good to punch holes in the ground for seeding the garden, would'nt they? The kids look pretty happy, I'll bet thats going to be a long 11 sleeps.

  3. Puppies and kids...all you need to add is a photographer. :) I love'll catch me singing "stumble out of bed and stumble to the kitchen, pour myself a cup of ambition and yawn and stretch and try to come to life!" pretty much every morning. Not sure if those are the exact words to her song but they are to mine!

  4. Morning 2 Tramps! The breeder advised us to get one to start unless you're the sort of person who ISN'T a push-over. You need to be in charge and let those pups know it. Ummmmm, okay, I'll show them who's boss - in week 2! LOL

  5. Hey Mark! You made me snort my coffee!! LOL Those heels would work terrific in the garden...good plan! And if they were mired in the dirt, I actually could stand up in them. Are you planting anything this year or are you going to be too busy building?
    Hey are you anywhere near Red Deer? My sister has a conference to go to this know, just asking!! Like I said, you'd make a mighty fine brother-in-law! hehehe

  6. Hey Penny! That was a great rendition!!!
    And yes, I need a photographer...but I'll never be able to afford you! LOL
    By the way, did you order up a surf board and ziploc bags yet? I think you could give that guy a run for his money...

  7. Kids, and dogs! You did get TWO dogs right. Ah the fun you will have.

    Nice to see you again...The kids are growing.

    See Ya.

  8. Hey Tony! Yup, 2 sweet little fluff balls. We have a border collie now who will turn 12 in May so we thought we'd better get the little ones under her wing NOW. She's been such a good ole dog and will definitely show them how to behave.
    As for those 2 little girls...holy moly, you just blink and they grow.
    Thanks for stopping in.
    See yah too!

  9. Very beautiful family, my friend! Wish I had a dog...but I think the "roomies" might vet that idea!

    Have a great day!

  10. Awwwwwwww thanks Jim!!
    Our ole cat Isaac is gonna love the puppies...they'll all be rippin' around the house getting into trouble. Love it!
    Thanks for dropping in today...hope everything went okay for yah!

  11. Puppies are too sweet....but I had you pegged for a goat and a chicken kinda gal....fresh eggs,goats

    the girls look so big....

    as for heels, I can teach 5 feet girls need all the help we can get...its all in how you place your feet..usually off to the side on your

  12. Thanks for the high heels advice Janice!! LOL
    And yes you did peg me correctly...but I'm going to need some guard dogs for those chickens and goats! hehe
    As for the girls looking so big...Ry shot up another 3/4" in the last 6 weeks! Just wild! Must be all that organic milk...