Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Jayme has always been a very special little girl. Right from the minute we met, I knew she was delicate, quiet and sensitive. She clung to me and basically hasn't let go! LOL At 18 months old, she started helping me empty the dishwasher...she just wanted to be with Mommy. You gotta love that!

Now at 3, she sets the table, gets glasses of water for her Daddy (cause he's always so sirsty), folds face cloths and socks like a champ, pushes the appropriate buttons on several appliances, etc. Now before you call the CAS on me, this isn't forced labour...she just likes to help!

So yesterday while I was getting dinner started, she wanted to "make the carrots". Ohhhh too funny. We ended up peeling many more carrots than usual....almost 2 lbs worth to get 4 little servings. She started with just peeling then she ended up whittling the thing....trying to get it
Look at that concentration:
Now she's getting the hang of it:
Whittled flat:


  1. Gotta love the help! Until they figure out it's work. So far so good here! LOL!

  2. I'm guessing the trick is to keep it all fun...all the time! Hooboy!

  3. She is concentrating so hard! :) I always loved it when the boys would help in the kitchen. I can hardly wait till Jaygen takes an interest.

    Hope your enjoying a sunny day!


  4. Hey Debbie! It's such a precious time...that just goes by soooooooo fast!
    Hugs back to you...and yes it is a glorious day!

  5. Don and I were just talking yesterday how neat it would be if our grandson lived close by-we spend so much time in the garden, and just know he would love to help "dig". You're daughter is sure a cutie.....I'm glad you have such a wonderful helper! Few kids have the benefit of a parent that WILL teach them anything of use. She's starting out life WAY ahead of the pack!

  6. If she does that well with peeling spuds, that could come in handy!

    I think you have a dedicated helper there, Mom! A cutie, too...!

  7. Thanks Jim! She sure is a cutie!!!

  8. ah, that is such a sweet if I wasnt such a control freak and learned to cook myself I would enjoy that quality time too... :)

    one day...

    I just need to get you and Penny together and show me the ropes....maybe we will do a down east adventure one time.. :)

  9. You betcha Janice! I'll bring my "carrot peeler". LOL