Wednesday, November 4, 2009


I'm NOT a pill person....however I have thanked God many times for aspirin and the odd Robaxacet. Come to think of it....Demerol was high on the list after a couple of surgeries too! lol

So when I waded into the whole health and well-being field, you can imagine my shock. There are shelves of vitamin pills to choose from...starting with every letter of the alphabet. Some for your skin, some for your nails, some for your libido, some for your kids.....and every brand is "the best"! Yah know?

So being the skeptical and tin foil hat wearer that I am, I went with the bare minimum.
Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Flax Oil and eat lots of garlic.

Both girls get 500 mg of Vitamin C. 1000 mg when cold/flu season hits. They have their own brand for now because our C was too strong and tart tasting.
They also get 500 IU of Vitamin D. I was crushing our pills and hiding it in a spoonful of yogourt until I found Vitamin D Gummies. They happily take their pills every morning.

Big Daddy and I both take 1000 IU of Vitamin D...which we will double now that cold/flu season is here. And we both take 1000 mg of Vitamin C...again we double since it's that time of the year.

I'm big on garlic...the little people can actually eat it raw now! Too funny!

And my newest trick is Flax Seed Oil. It kinda smells and tastes like rotten walnuts but I tell you since I've been taking hearing has improved and my coat is shiny! lol Just watch out for the burps....woohee.... I now have Big Daddy gulping it down with his juice in the morning and I'm sure I can properly disguise it in smoothies for the little people.

Well that's it for, what do you take?


  1. Hmmmm...When my knee or back acts up I eat ibuprofen like candy. But as far as healthy stuff...nothing. David is taking ColdFX. Perhaps I should too. I've tried multivitamins but they make me throw up...nice eh? Maybe I'll grind 'em in my smoothie and find some gummies for me too!

  2. everything my naturopath suggested...I just have to pick it up...Myah and Lili have both been down and out once and its just beginning...

    If you throw a little garlic behind the ears it wards off not only germs, but people coming close enough to share them.. :)

    keep well...

  3. I should probably be taking calcium supplements. I've been saying that for years. Sigh. NEXT WEEK I shall pick some up.........

  4. Hey Penny! Yup, multi-vitamins do that to me too. Most pills/meds do...but I've been okay taking this stuff.

    Hey Janice! Goooooooooo and get your stuff, girl!! Looks like I'm safe from vampires too! hehehe Oh we're getting confirmed cases of Swine Flu here now...

    Hey Sue! Good for you and your bones!! I know I don't get enough...

  5. Add fish oil. Also check out Dr Mercola. Great on natural health.

    I'm 68, hate doctors, don't even know my blood pressure, take no "pills", but do take and believe in all NATURAL vitamins. Again check out the doc good advice, and has very good products.

    See Ya

  6. Sounds like you got it all covered, my friend! Hope it all continues to work and keeps the baddies away!

  7. Hey Tony! Thanks for the advice...I'll check him out. Oh and thanks for stopping by today.

    Hey Jim! You and me too, my and me too! Thanks for dropping in today.