Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Pints of apple butter? Nope, years I've spent on earth. I wish it was the apple butter scenario. hehehe As I turn 43 today, I realize I have come to that place in my life where.....I don't care one bit what people think of me. Somewhere along the line, being a size 8, having perfectly coiffed hair and wearing the latest clothes became highly unimportant. Oh I know, some of you will think it coincides with the arrival of the kids....maybe. But I'm thinking it has more to do with not needing to impress anyone....and a real need to be happy! Afterall, when Mama ain't happy....well, nobody's happy.

It dawned on me that I didn't have to conform to anyone's standards. I don't have to live in the burbs, send my kids to the "right" activities, get my nails done, buy things on credit, be a good little drone....I DON'T HAVE TO!!! It makes me "sane" in the eyes of the regular folk to follow the rules....but it makes me UNHAPPY! When weighed, HAPPY wins out over perceived sanity.

So, I will happily embrace my inner hillbilly, canning and dehydrating food....all the while clothed in ankle-length denim dresses and packing a few extra pounds. lol I will knit and sew, homeschool, stack firewood, live, laugh and love! Ahhhh, life is good!!

43's going to be great!


  1. You said it!! If only more people were happy doing what makes them happy than what they think other people think will make them happy then we'd all be happy. Right? :)

    I've been preaching that for a long time now. Perspective has been a great thing - sick babies, passing of family members - why go on trying to impress people when then only one you need to impress is yourself. Do what makes you happy. Everything else will fall into place!

  2. Living your own life and style....PRICELESS.

    Welcome to my world. So much fun.

    Keep at it girl.

    God Bless

    See Ya

  3. Happy Happy Birthday (and life!)
    What a super attitude!

  4. Happy Birthday Team Hall ( i miss you so much but always check for you here - and couldn't help myself in replying to this post - i really hope that you do not mind!)!!!

    anyway - next week i am the big 39 - woohoo for me! and if you have checked into the CPN, or more specifically, the NSPN, you would already know that we finally bought land in July of this year in Cape Breton - 7 acres to be exact! so that was my birthday present and i cannot wait for my birthday (even though we don't celebrate birthdays - teehee!) - but i can't wait until my birthday so i can celebrate my land!

    Congrats, my friend, on the big 43...isn't it wonderful?!?!?!?!? i can't wait for 43 as 39 is already so full of life. and strangely enough - my hubby celebrates 44 the week after next. too cool eh?

    all the best to you, my dear friend. wonderful, warm wishes and prayers always sent to you and yours!

  5. Hiya Penny! I knew you'd end up saying it better than I could...thanks my friend!

    Thanks Tony! I appreciate you coming by today!

    Hiya Sue! Thanks for the birthday wishes!

    Hey there Kymber! Congratulations on your land!!!!! Woohoooooooo! That's fabulous!! Oh and thanks for dropping in here...November is a big birthday month here too...my little piddle turns 3 in 2 weeks and Big Daddy is (gasp)53 a few days later. So you have yourself a tremendous birthday and celebrate that LAND!!!!

  6. Happy Birthday.....

    I will one day figure this all out too, but alas I am a product of my environment..so for now I will just let my positive friends keep me in check....

    I, too , hope to earn Penny and your wisdom...

  7. Hey Janice! You will come to "that" point, I'm sure of it! Look out Rob, when you do! hehehe