Sunday, September 6, 2009


Honestly, I don't know if we should be concerned/worried/paranoid about the whole swine flu deal. There was only 1 reported case in our area. But if it was mild, maybe lots of others had it and didn't recognize or report it?! You know?? But now it has mutated and we're coming into the regular flu season...tons of kids heading back to school along with our big girl...

So we made a family plan.

First and foremost....if there's even one whiff of it, our big girl will be pulled from school faster than you can say this little piggy went to market! All extra curricular activities - terminated!

Secondly, I put together one of these and stashed it front and center in the panic, I mean, pantry room:

So here's what I've stashed in there:
Vitamin C
Tooth brushes
N95 masks
Werthers candies
Vicks Inhaler
Halls cough candies
Liquid soap
Benylin all-in-one
Little noses saline spray
Decongestant nasal spray
Children's tylenol cough and cold
Children's liquid tylenol
Disposable gloves
Hot lemon drink
Lysol spray
Lysol wipes
Paper towels
Face cloths
Garbage bags
Old pillow cases (8)
Baby monitor
Copies of our health cards, immunizations records
Phone number for Telehealth
We stocked enough soups, jello, frozen juices, frozen berries and even frozen bananas (for smoothies) to last for weeks. We even stocked some new pillows so I can throw ours out after a bout with this flu.
I guess my fear is that I'll get violently ill and won't be mobile for awhile. Having everything bought and in one spot ensures that Big Daddy won't be running around trying to find stuff that we need or have to go out with 2 kids at some weird hour of the night to get medicine or supplies.
See, I'm not so weird afterall...
Guess I better not tell you about our "quarantine plan" then...hehehehe


  1. Holy preparedness!

    (BTW - instead of hot lemon get hot cherry and add a little Cointreau to your'll sleep like a baby. Mom used to give us hot lemon and whiskey. Can't handle that anymore!)

  2. I remember the hot lemon,honey & whiskey to. Now a days it's chicken soup.

    Sounds like you have it covered. Hope you don't have to use it.

    See Ya

  3. Hey P! Yeah, not a fan of the lemon and whiskey either...but I will try your suggestion!!!

    Hey there,Did it MY way!! Good to see you again! Yeah, I hope we don't have to use it too!

  4. Like the others I pray that you nor anyone else will not get it. Remember like all other "outbreaks" that has happened over the years, this too shall pass.

  5. Way to go on your preps girl. You got a good handle on things up there and I am so proud of you all. Keep on prepping, you're doing great.

  6. We should all be so prepared. I'm not so great about it. I have a lot of expired meds, etc. I have to chuck when I get back home. I think you had a great idea..... If everyone gets sick at the same time, who's going to go to the store!!

  7. Hi Diane. Yes that's a good point - this too shall pass. Hopefully not within a 100 miles of us!! Thanks for stopping by.

  8. Hey there Bullseye!! Awwww shucks, you're making me blush! hehe I knew you'd like my "sickie bin". Oh I know it might be a little over the top...but we're ready! Thanks for stopping by, my friend!

  9. Hey Sue! I was envisioning a scene like Mexico where everyone in the street was wearing a mask. If it gets really wild, who even wants to go out to get to the store?! You just never know.
    Thanks for stopping in again.

  10. Very well put together. I need to expand my kit I think. Thanks for visiting Home on the Range this morning. I appreciated the comment, it made my morning.

    If you go back a few months in the archives (right sidebar) to a post of 5/3/09 there is some information I put together for the swine flu.


  11. Hi Brigid!! I'm still laughing at your post! Really tickled my funny bone! I will check your archives later tonight.
    Thanks for the visit.

  12. so instead of stopping at Shoppers Drug Mart, I will rummage through your sick bin sound more

    hot lemon and whiskey???---I am more of a lemon gin kind of person...oh ya right, trying to avoid getting sick..never mind.. :)

  13. Hey Janice!! There's plenty of aspirin, so go right ahead and hit the gin!! hehe

  14. Now THAT'S what I call a "well stocked Sickie bin"! I should have known that you would have it covered, my friend!

    Maybe I should have you stock mine for me...just in case I forgot anything!

    You did good ! Got a gold star on this one!

  15. Awwwwwww thanks Jim!! I appreciate you taking the time to visit here!

  16. We've just started our stash. Thanks for sharing your list!