Tuesday, April 28, 2009


What a great weekend we had! Just the 2 of us - it was like old times. We drove Big Daddy's old "beater" up to the cabin and good thing. The road/path was horrendous! Trees down across the road, wash-outs in a couple of spots and mud....knee-deep boot-sucking mud! I haven't had the ummm pleasure of riding in his old CRV for quite some time - with the cracked windshield and unmistakable smell. lol We had our first date in that old car....ahhhhh the memories!

We took Belley girl for a little walk as soon as we got there. Over to the hill where we'll eventually build; down to the old foundation; through the garlic field. There were tons of moose and deer tracks....and we found this:

The sun was shining...man I love our little chunk of paradise!!

So back to the cabin to get things fixed up. What a mess! What a smell! It was worse than Big Daddy's CRV. We got the windows open, donned our masks and started by clearing the place out. Everything went outside....and that's when the rain started! Tooooo funny! It poured. We got soaked! Finally found the source of the smell - a total of 10 dead mice. Then the generator wouldn't go so we couldn't finish what we had planned.

I guess that's the downfall to being a weekend homesteader. We only have a limited amount of time to get a huge list of stuff done. And no matter what happens, we still have to head home on Sunday night.

So let's hope everything runs a little smoother this weekend. I've got a field that needs tilling! Long range forecast - 90% chance of rain....hooboy, here we go again! LOL

Belley girl - a little cold, wet and tired:


  1. Enjoy the inside if it rains! It's still "away"!

  2. Hey Warren: You're absolutely right...it's still "away"! Lists can wait. Thanks for stopping by.

  3. All in all, still sounds like a pretty good weekend. Good for both of you I'm sure. Be sure to keep us up to date on the "project".

    Code Name "Bullseye"

  4. Hey Bull: Just try and stop me from updating! lol

  5. Man, I love the old cabin! Makes it all seem so real somehow!

    Glad you are taking time to make some memories!

  6. Hey there Jim! Wow, I'll have to get the coffee out now. lol I'm afraid it's just instant in a well chipped mug here. Thanks for stopping by! And by the way...the cabin...love at first sight for me.